Monday, 1 February 2021

How to get rid of annoying thoughts?


How to get rid of annoying thoughts?

How to get rid of annoying thoughts?

I will give you a serious answer to this question, although I do not believe in its seriousness. I think this question is just your habit of complaining. Nobody will make anything of you. My prediction: under the article where you can write comments, there will be obligations from only one or two people, everyone else will just listen, sigh and start complaining about something else.


Good. And now I answer.

For starters: you just don't like to think. Those who like to think have their heads always occupied with their thoughts. And if the head is empty, then something foreign will surely get into it.

You love to listen and read about how to stop the flow of thoughts, how to bring silence into your inner world, but you will never achieve this. Not because the task is wrong, but because you are doing it wrong. You teach yourself not to think - and stupid, unnecessary and strangers will come to your head, empty of your clever thoughts. Not an option. But if you observe the beauty of the world, admire the voice of your children, feel the beauty of your gait - great! You will immerse yourself in the world of perception and thereby distract yourself from thinking, because a person cannot perceive and think at the same time.

But this is only the first step. And, by the way, not the only option, and not always the best. When you advance in your development, you will learn to simultaneously admire the world, and think, and - further, you will be able to control your thoughts and love the process of thinking.

Here in my head - a combine for processing thoughts. He constantly hums quietly, because he always wants to work, and he does it beautifully. So, as soon as he catches a thought from somewhere, he immediately grabs it and begins to process it, and at the output gives out something beautiful and necessary. And if the thought is intrusive, it always appears again? This means that he will make more and more new things out of it. Because he can think?

Unfortunately, this is a difficult recipe, just like a difficult recipe for me - to write symphonies. I can't write music! And if a melody comes to my mind or comes to mind, it will spin in my head as it is, and I can't do anything about it! If I don’t like it, I cannot rework it because I don’t know how to work with music! And if I were a composer, I would quickly write variations from any stupid melody, add a violin accompaniment, put on another singer, transfer from minor to major, some more drums - and wow! My dishes and enjoy the great arrangement!

And yet - learn to think.

Think about mistakes - immediately remember: "Mistake, I'm good, work!" Just work - how? Think about how to fix the mistakes.

For example, you write:

"Constantly haunted by the thought that my tummy does not really paint me ?!" - Write an action plan to remove the belly. Read aloud the action plan for removing the abdomen. Swing your legs. Lying on your back, legs behind your head. Drink some water.

How to forget about sweets? - 10 squats.

How to get rid of fantasized bad ideas (thoughts)? Think over and write down a day plan; think over and write down how to complete each item; record the result in the ORMIs it possible to achieve the result twice as fast? And start doing! Get carried away - everything will be fine!

Write your obligations in the comments. If you, of course, love not only to complain but are ready to change something and teach yourself to be better.


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