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IUYS | International Union of Young Scientists, a daily technology-oriented publication with a digital presence. Spreading authentic information related to Health & Nutrition, Science & Technology, Environment, and Environmental Issues.

What are "IUYS" for?

"IUYS | International Union of Young Scientists" see their task in telling about Fundamental to Advanced Science to everyone who is interested in the structure of our world and the ways of its cognition. We try to talk not only about how it managed to find a scientist, but also about how these results were obtained, if they are reasonable, what was known before, and that has yet to be found.

We believe that in today's unstable, changeable world, science, although it itself is in constant search, provides uniquely reliable landmarks that cannot be replaced by anything else.

We also try to inform our readers about everything interesting that is popular science around us - about books, magazines, lectures, websites.

How to become our Author?

We are always glad to new authors (although we do not promise to answer all letters with offers of our services or materials for publication). If you want to write for us, for example, scientific pictures of the day or science news, or answer children's questions, tell us about yourself, and send samples of your texts.

Collaboration and Advertising

We are open to cooperation, and we will gladly place information about your lectures and other popular science events in the Calendar, about your scientific or popular science website in the Science catalog, about popular science books published by you - in the Book Club.

We are ready to become information sponsors of educational events - but this usually requires special conditions for cooperation, since we do publish press releases (we simply do not have such a section on the site).

We do place commercial advertisements and usually do respond to emails with offers to place them. And we do exchange links.

Using our materials

Reprinting of the materials of the "IUYS | International Union of Young Scientists" is possible with the written permission of the publisher. Write to us and we will probably agree.

Preparing your own materials based on our news, etc. does not require permission, but we would be grateful if you put a direct hyperlink to the original page.


You can contact us with any questions by e-mail: iuys@gmail.com.



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